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Book “Lucid Dream Wisdom” reprinted and available on Amazon

The book “Lucid Dream Wisdom: Tarab Tulku Rinpoche’s Yogic Practice and Theory Made Available for a Modern Audience is re-edited and printed.
It is available on Amazon, both as paperback and e-book (Kindle), see beside

Tarab Tulku XI,
A Tibetan Lama in Denmark

Authors: Jeanni Andersen, Anne-Sophie Bernstorff
Paperback, 17 x 24 cm.
Price: €15,-

Tarab Tulku XI was born in 1934. He was soon recognized as the incarnation of Tarab Tulku X and was enthroned at the Tashi Rabten Monastery in Southern Tibet at the age of one year. When he was six, he started his studies at the Drepung Monastic University.
Tarab Tulku’s life reflects the tragic story of Tibet, when the Chinese invaded the country he had to flee on foot across the Himalayas to a life in exile. In an Indian refugee camp he completed his geshe degree.
The Danish Prince Peter and the Dalai Lama assured that Denmark became Tarab Tulku’s new home. He continued his research into Buddhist philosophy and evolved a rare and profound understanding of Western culture and of the Western way of thinking. He developed Unity in Duality.
Tibetan culture and philosophy comes alive through this unique and unconventional personal history of Tarab Tulku.