Exploring Deeper Lusem: Graduat(ing) Retreat – 2- 8.9.2023

Arrival on Fri, 1 Sept., departure on Fri, 8 Sept. (afternoon), Vallcebre, Spain

Retreat on opening up deeper levels of existence and their dynamic of minds.
For all senior students who have finished the formal training and are considering to become, are in the process of becoming or already are: Graduate in Unity in Duality (STM)

After the succes of our retreat in Vallcebre last year, we are happy to announce that we have planned again such a retreat for this year. The aim of the retreat is again to create the opportunity to strengthen your individual practice and condition, to support people in the process of becoming a graduate and most of all to further build on our international community, which we consider as of the utmost importance for the continuation and flourishing of UD in the coming years.

Last year we all have greatly enjoyed the meditations, the discussions with Lene to clarify deeply some key- concepts of UD, the undisturbed time to write from this meditative base, the supportive sessions and the evenings of exchange. Hence we are mostly sticking to this formula and hope it will again be of use for the individual processes of all.

We are organizing this retreat for all senior students and graduates, who: are looking to deepen their personal process, or are considering (not necessarily having decided) to make their final paper and go for the international exam, are in the process of tentatively putting some words on paper, are writing a paper, are writing their cases, have made the examination but still need to send in their cases, etc. We hope that by this retreat these processes will be furthered and become more of a shared effort.

During this six days retreat, we will be having instruction, investigative meditation and exchange in the early morning, time for individual practice after that. Those who wish can continue this individual practice or one can take time to reflect on their individual process to start writing or contine writing in the afternoon. There will again be the opportunity to take sessions and individual tutoring with graduates and join the tutorclasses at the end of the afternoon. Some evenings are reserved for the exchang on how UD is changing our personal and professional life.

In this way, we hope to encourage and practically support each other in this individual process of becoming a graduate. Again, it is not necessary to have decided to go for the writing of a paper, wanting to get a taste of this process or to investigate whether this would suit you is a good motivation to join. For those who are in the process of writing, this would be a wonderful opportunity to completely immerse in the material and write from your deeper base.
Thursday-afternoon September 7th. we will have at last two peer-reviews ( former term: examination) and of course there will be the ususal party at the end of the retreat, so bring your dancing shoes.

Retreat Theme

Because it becomes evident in UD that having a strong base of deeper grounding, apart from making the process of reflection and writing easier, is the basis for all Art-of-Relating and Spiritual Development, we have chosen ‘Exploring Deeper Lusem’ as the theme for this retreat. We will explore how opening to this level of deeper body-mind allows for establishing the very special dynamic of minds in which all the eight types of minds cooperate openly without dominance of the conceptual mind. This makes the conceptual mind change to a SHERAB quality, bringing harmony and wisdom to our experience and opening a genuinely intuitive relationship with others and nature. Vallcebre, surrounded by its mountains, is by excellence, a perfect place to practice for attaining such condition.

Location & Traveling

The retreat will be from Saturday morning September 2rd to Friday afternoon the 8th and it will be organised in Spain at the ‘Casaretiros Sanye’ at Vallcebre (1.5 hour by car from Barcelona, half way to Andorra). Nearest train station is Manresa from where there is a bus to the village Vallcebre. For those who arrive by plane: the easiest way is to take the bus from Barcelona Norte to Berga or Guardiola, from where we will arrange pick-ups (booking and timetables on Alsa.com – for advance planning check “any date” without entering a date). One can also rent a car together from Barcelona airport and drive one-self.

It is not such a big place, so only 24 people can stay at the centre. For a small group of people there is the opportunity to bring a tent and camp in the yard, enjoying the view on the mountains. The centre can only accommodate 30 people which is a guarantee to personal contact and exchange. There is also ample opportunity for hiking and enjoying the mountain scenery. There is also the possibility to arrive some days before or stay some days later to enjoy this fabulous mountain area.

Invitation: Educational Board of Tarab Institute International

If you are considering to do so but not sure yet wether you can make it: please let us know too.
Warm greetings and looking forward seeing you soon,

Lene Handberg, Cecilia Innanen, Christine Klett-Esters, Beate Salzburger, Sandrine Gousset, Genevieve Hamlet, Caroline Vossen, Frances Nijssen.


  • Dates: Arrival: Friday, 1 September afternoon or evening
    Start: Saturday, 2 September morning
    End: Friday, 8 September
    Departure: Friday, 8 September afternoon
  • Location: Casaretiros Sanye, Vallcebre, Spain
  • Participation: Finalization of Module III is required.
  • Cost: The costs for full board are € 50 staying in a tent with access to toilet, bath and all other facilities; € 70 in a double with private toilet and bath; € 90 for a single room with private toilet and bath. The course fee is € 100 including personal guidance and tutoring. If money is a problem for you, please contact us.
  • Registration: By Email to Frances Nijssen

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