Revealing Natural Energy Resources – Harmonising feminine and masculine energies

This is where we join forces, becoming one:
Discovering and opening hidden sides of our true being.
Say hello to a new way of appreciating yourself.


These 5 days together will show us ways of opening up to our true being. We often negate certain aspects of our being; this can be a cultural pressure where the male rational perception and view of life is dominant. We will investigate ways to integrate both the female and male energies, bringing them to the fore and working on achieving a natural balance. By attaining an equitable balance between the two energies we achieve a synergy effect as a wonderful bulwark for naturally moving through life.

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During the course, we explore various approaches, to develop a balance of our masculine and feminine energies.
Following the ancient Indo-Tibetan wisdom, balancing intuitive-feeling/feminine and rational-intellect/masculine types of energies, creating a free energy flow, is crucial for bringing out the potential of human beings, both men and women alike, whereas in our modern culture tends to cultivate the rational-intellect/masculine energies. A more balanced condition would create a foundation for opening our inherent potentials and creativity for creating harmony between ourselves, others and nature.

Through such balanced condition it’s also possible to reach a subtle ‘energy’ level where it no longer makes sense to differentiate between a physical and a mental aspect of our being, a subtle psycho-physical level in Tibetan called yilü. This is the level of our being to that the Chakra-energies refer. Following the Tantras we need the upwards-going Chakra-energy flow from the intuitive-feeling/feminine Chakra-energies to the rational-intellect/masculine for uniting these subtly in the Heart Chakra, to develop a most subtle energy being, in Tantra referred to as lungsem.
The deep intuitive-feeling being the subtler of the two, the potential, unity, in-folded order of all the other energies, envisioned utilising the Prajñāparamita deity. At such a mature stage; grounding the feminine and masculine Chakra-energies in the heart Chakra-area releases the most profound condition available to mankind. To achieve this flow feminine and masculine energy is of utmost importance for spiritual goals.

For applying this knowledge for personal development, Tarab Tulku has extracted essential ideas from the original knowledge of the Chakra-energy tradition, making them available and useful to modern cultures. Tarab Rinpoche teaches that apart from subject-object and ‘energy/(potential-field)-matter’ interrelationships also, following the Indo-Tibetan view, the body and mind aspects are always in mutual interrelated cooperation and cannot exist apart. Any mind state is connected with a certain level of body and vice versa, the body-mind interrelationships having many levels.

During this week-long course we will use methods to first activate the physically related intuitive-feeling/feminine energies and balance these with the masculine, at the same time promoting the direct sense experience on which basis genuine creativity becomes available. Working with the activation of the intuitive-feeling energies and balancing these with the masculine, we will engage in practice for activation of the deeper body sense and 6th mind senses, in Tibetan lüsem and yilü. The latter is basic to actual visualisation for developing the subtle flow and cooperation between the feminine and masculine energies, to raise the natural potential of our being necessary for entering the spiritual path and taking us towards genuine or unconditional love (feminine energy) and compassion (masculine energy).