Stress Management and Healing – A Unity in Duality Approach

That insidious discomfort sneaks into every aspect of our lives. Our joy of life and natural energy slowly fade.
Here is the light shining a clear path through the forest. Take a step and then another, welcome to new horizons.


UD works on the whole being:
During stress periods we tend to separate mind and body. The course will guide us towards regaining a balanced authentic sense of being, regaining resilience and grit.

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We are all too familiar with feeling nervous, back and stomach pain, running in circles: A feeling of losing touch with ourselves, making it difficult to be comfortable and losing our overview. These could be considered the first signs of stress. Stress has become a widespread condition.
There are many theories on how to handle stress. According to Unity in Duality, our hyper-rational way of life lacks harmony and balance in our inner world. As a first step, we need to understand our underlying tendencies, try to change this condition and gain clarity.
We need to separate the causes of stress, looking at external factors and internal factors separate and together: External stressors, mental and physical abuse, information overload and Inner stressors, repressive and projective tendencies, massive separation of body and mind.

According to Unity in Duality, we become stressed when we are split. Making it vital to maintain a balanced inner relationship. Our senses bring us back to the present and commonly shared human reality. Body sensation also brings us closer to our inner, authentic sense of being and inner strength, which reduces fear.

The direct sense experiences bring us into contact with our feeling of self, from which our reality develops. The combination of feeling comfortable with self-reference and grounded in the physical body, whichever level, it becomes possible to start changing the disturbing vulnerable self-references and take charge of our experiences.
Because our conceptual function is abstract and conceptual reality relies on the words we use, it is extremely sensitive to negative self-reference experiences: Setting the stage for negative experiences with regard to ourselves, and reactive or defensive tendencies towards others. These tendencies creep in and are a strong direct cause of stress, especially when the conceptual consciousness is dominant. Our general conceptual dominance, especially when associated with vulnerabilities is, therefore, another direct component of stress.
According to Unity in Duality, if we attend to these inner stressors and reduce them, it will give resilience when outer stressors arise and open our innate possibilities and adequate coping strategies. This course, based on the mutual interrelationships between body and mind and what exists, will examine how to reduce stress according to these principles.
This course is open to all.