Transformation of Oneself, Ego-death and Self-rebirth

Who are you? Are you feeling comfy?
These questions slide into our consciousness at the most awkward of moments. Let us sit and see if the one identified with is the whole of you and whether we can find some other solution.


Our superficial ego can have a disturbing influence on our state of mind.
Through a series of simple practices we will look at how we can allay our ego and connected fears.
Guided practices that will help us to a harmonious self-feeling and connected natural feeling relation with our surroundings.

content workshop

Ego-death relates to the death of the surface identifications with which we identify, holding to be me; where Self-rebirth relates to the joining of deeper dynamic and flexible Self-feeling.

According to Buddhist principles, what we identify, as oneself, the Ego, does not exist in and by itself but relationally manifests itself. However, there is always a sense of us at the centre of our experiences, a felt basis which, when contacted in more depth opens the possibility of having a calm, flexible and fulfilling experience of oneself, deeply connecting with all that surrounds us.

In this weekend course you will be guided through a series of meditations. The meditations are a series of queries where we will look at how we identify as being who we are. Guiding to reconnect with a deeper understanding of our true Self-reference nature. Allowing us to open up towards a natural view of our being with the possibility of a pleasant and harmonious way of experiencing what exists around us. You will be guided to a deeper understanding in theory and practice of this inner universal wisdom.