Ancient Tibetan Dream Wisdom

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Mastering dream and imaginary states entails opening up to profound intuitive insight. By applying the ancient dream techniques of Tibet, the dream-state (real or imaginary) provides a great opportunity to deal directly and radically with underlying key problems that otherwise unconsciously rule our lives. Methods for dream recollection and entering the lucid state will be introduced to help heal and transform our inadequate mental structures, as well as teach us to cultivate profound intuitive insight. Mastering these methods gives access to our deep inner strength of being. .

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Ancient Tibetan Dream Wisdom

Every night as we sleep we are offered a vast treasure trove of information that we can use to free ourselves from limitations and move into greater wholeness and wellbeing. Our dreams, rather than simply being nonsensical repetition of our daytime experiences, are doorways into the mystery of our inner realms and beyond, and opportunities for transformation. Because the dream state is an energy state, with skillful work the possibility exists for intuitive insight into matters that are impenetrable from our otherwise materially-bound and apparently solid reality.

An intensive dream course based on Unity in Duality, a program developed by Tibetan master Tarab Tulku Rinpoche, is an introduction to aspects of Shamanistic Dream tradition and Buddhist Dream Yoga, including methods to recall dreams and gain lucidity in the dream state along with other techniques to help students gain facility in dealing directly with dreams for the purpose of self-development. Employing these ancient Indo-Tibetan dream methods gives the practitioner powerful tools to directly and radically deal with underlying emotional and psychological issues manifesting in the dream.

Lucid Dreaming

Mobilizing the creativity of the unconscious

Tibet had two specific traditions of dealing with and using dreams and the dream-state: the Shamanistic tradition, and the Indo-Tibetan Dream Yoga tradition.
The Shamanistic tradition of dreamwork is of pre-Buddhist origin. An essential method of this kind of dream-work takes place in the lucid dream state. When confronted with negativity, the adept calls upon his protector spirit to help him in conquering the spirit manifesting as the dream-aggressor – whereby he heals himself. Another method, which is also connected with a helping spirit, is to use the lucid dream state for making important decisions or foretelling the future.

The Indo-Tibetan Dream Yoga practice originates in India. It is also performed within the lucid dream state – a state of clarity and consciousness within sleep. The dream state nature is viewed in this framework as being an energy-state, implying that it is a subtle state of being with less of a gap between body-mind and subject-object. Originally, the Tibetan yogis practised different kinds of meditation in the lucid dream state, as – due to its energy nature – it was reckoned to be an important stepping stone for Personal Development and for Spiritual Transformation in terms of gradually gaining insight into and transcending the different layers of reality.

Partly based on the Indo-Tibetan Dream Yoga practice and partly based on the pre-Buddhist Lucid Dream tradition, Tarab Tulku has developed very profound therapeutic methods. The dream subject as well as the dream apparitions are energy constellations of imprinted mental structures.

Employing these ancient dream methods in the real or in an imaginary dream state gives the practitioner a great opportunity directly and radically to deal with underlying key problems manifesting in the dream, that otherwise unconsciously rule our lives. Being an energy state the dream-state also entails the possibility of intuitive insight into matters that are impenetrable from our otherwise materially bound conditions and solidly created reality..

During this course the theory of the Shamanistic Dream Tradition and of the Indo-Tibetan Dream Yoga methods will be taught, including the original dream recollection methods and how to gain lucidity in dream. We will discuss how and why the UD therapeutic dream-work techniques work in dealing with our impaired mental structures, and participants will train to get into the imagery body-mind, using the subtle mind-senses to the extent possible.

In this way the pristine dream methods become available to us, enabling us to directly deal with the dream material for the purpose of Personal Development and the beginning of spiritual transformation.


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